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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has grown and become a medium for fresh new influencers and creators over the last few years. Influencer marketing over the years has benefitted brands as people now prefer scrolling through Instagram for entertainment. Why do influencers have an impact on people? To begin, they have a significant number of followers, people enjoy watching their content regularly and have genuine followers interested in their niche. Since brands have noticed this, they have started showing keen interest in influencer marketing as they can see that it’s the future of advertising. Advertising seems like a big word but Instagram influencer marketing is growing and now it’s time we find new ways to enhance its power. Let’s check out some strategies and see what we can do to improve it.

Influencer Marketing

1. Take Advantage of Micro-influencers

Micro-Influencers are now getting more recognition and why wouldn’t they? Their content is carefully curated according to their niche, It’s premium and executed so seamlessly that brands would want to jump on the bandwagon of Instagram influencer marketing. Adam Mossari, the head of Instagram stated that they are pushing micro influencers' content on their platforms as they want to give all creators an equal opportunity. Creating influencer marketing campaigns with micro-influencers will lead to premium content that will reach the audience they are looking for and lead to more profit. Working with micro-influencers has multiple benefits such as high engagement, authentic content, lower costs, etc. Brands can and have gotten the best influencers creating content for their brands through various influencer marketing services provided by influencer marketing agencies like ours, social tweebs. We are here to help with the best influencer marketing services through amazing content creators.

2. Figuring out the Audience in Instagram Influencer Marketing

One mistake lots of brands have made is taking a creator that does not match their brand’s niche for collaboration. Brands that collaborate with big creators even though their values don’t align because they assume that a big creator means more reach but that’s too easy and usually never happens. It’s important to figure out your audience, as once that’s done, you get clarity on the path you’re going ahead. Brands need to understand their niche to reach their audience. Various influencer marketing services provide people with information on influencers, and content creators that would help you curate amazing influencer marketing campaigns.

3. Different types of influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing can be way more creative than just collaborating with an influencer and creating content. It’s important to understand the brand's values to provide them with the best content and if they are open to giveaways, store visits, account takeovers, unboxing reviews, etc. Now, brands don’t just rely on influencer marketing services for executions, they are always open on how to go ahead with the campaigns. There are various agencies like ours, Social Tweebs, that always look out for brands and provide them with the best ideas and guide them further. Instagram influencer marketing is the way to go as it leads to marketing that is memorable. Social media is all about trying out new things and also figuring out new ways to make campaigns successful.

4. Reworking Ideas and Strategies for influencer marketing campaigns

The concepts and core of the ideas will provide you with further information about whether the campaign will be a hit or a miss. Now, various ideas have been tried and tested and since they were successful, brands and agencies have stuck to them. Since social media has no fixed formula and keeps changing continuously, it’s important to experiment and rethink concepts for influencer marketing campaigns. There are influencer marketing services that will provide brands with amazing suggestions and enhance content that aligns with the brand’s content. It’s important to keep updating yourself with what’s trending but also to execute ideas that have never been done. Maybe, that will push the envelope and create an unforgettable campaign. 

5. Track Results 

Providing out-of-the-box content is essential for a campaign to work but how do you know what working? Well, it’s always important to keep track of how influencer marketing campaigns function as it gives brands and agencies an idea of people’s preferences. Tracking results helps as it leads to refining the strategies. It’s important to check if they provide brand awareness of their social and PR mentions, audience building through followers, engagement, etc. We can always keep trying new things, but if we don’t track our progress, we won’t understand the workings of a successful campaign. Instagram Influencer Marketing is all about being active online providing out-of-the-box content and understanding the audience.

Social Tweebs has always believed that Instagram Influencer Marketing is here to stay. It has been growing for the last few years and there’s a bright future filled with amazing influencer marketing campaigns.


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