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Brand Pulse: The Influencer Edition

Spotify Animal Ranbir Kapoor Bobby Deol Event

A Glimpse into Spotify

Curious about what happens when Bollywood's charm meets the dynamic world of influencers? Spotify's recent #SpotifyPremiumFansFirst event for 'Animal', starring Ranbir Kapoor, was a standout example of how influencers can amplify an event's impact. This event was more than just a celebrity meet-and-greet; it was an exciting fusion where influencers like Jigar Thakkar, Aastha Shah, and Tarini Shah met their favourite star and enjoyed the film's vibrant music. What impressed us the most? The smart strategy of inviting influencers not just as guests, but as storytellers for the event. Influencers are pivotal in making an event both memorable and relatable! We can’t wait for more events like this!

CGI Koffee with Karan Cup

CGI: Redefining Digital Marketing's Landscape

As 2023 draws to a close, have you noticed a new trend emerging? Yes, it's CGI. Who would have imagined seeing a Koffee with Karan Cup at the Gateway of India? Brands like Uniqlo, Pantaloons, Ajio, and others have been leveraging stunning CGI to grab attention, creating a significant buzz in recent months. CGI is gradually becoming an indispensable tool in marketing. Utilizing CGI, brands are crafting content that is not only out of the ordinary but also creative and enjoyable to watch. Marketing has become more exciting, allowing brands to think imaginatively and produce content that drives engagement. The future of CGI in digital marketing looks promising. It’s transforming the way stories are told, making them more engaging and creative for both brands and influencers.


More than "Just An Event."

NykaaLand was more than just an event; it was a prime opportunity for beauty and skincare brands to showcase their best. Brands smartly teamed up with influencers who brought a fresh and authentic twist to their product showcases. From engaging 'Get Ready With Me' (GRWM) sessions to captivating live demonstrations, these influencers breathed new life into the brands, securing their place at the forefront of the beauty scene. Events like NykaaLand are crucial for brands to stay relevant and connected, leveraging the unique impact of trendsetters.

Threads on Instagram

Threads: A Brief Buzz

Hey, remember Threads from Instagram? With 30 million downloads day one, and a whopping 150 million in just two weeks. But the buzz didn't last. Within a month, everyone kind of lost interest and drifted back to their usual social media spots. It had the downloads, but not the staying power. In today's world, where every second app is trying to be the next big thing, Threads couldn't keep up. The app just didn't bring anything new to the table. You need more than just a big launch; you need that special something that keeps people coming back. In the ever-evolving digital arena, the key to success is fresh ideas that resonate with users long after the initial buzz fades.

The Sound of Flavor

Food ASMR: A marketing slice not yet diced by brands. Food ASMR is big, but food brands haven't caught on yet. These videos are more than just sounds of cooking; they grab attention and make viewers hungry! It's a chance for brands to make some noise in a new way. Time to add some sizzle to your marketing! In essence, it's the perfect moment for brands to turn up the heat and cook up some innovative marketing strategies. Seize the moment, flavour your brand.

Influencer Highlights


Orry: Crafting Mystery in Marketing

Orry karta kya hai?" That's how it all started. What began as a playful joke quickly turned into a phrase you'd hear everywhere on social media. "I live, I'm a liver" – sounds familiar? That's Orry for you. But who is this guy? Orhan Awatramani, known as Orry, is the puzzle of Bollywood's party scene. Always there, yet wrapped in mystery. No one knows his job or his background. And that's the catch – his mystery is his brand. By keeping his personal life a secret, Orry has become a prime example in brand building. He's the living proof that sometimes, not knowing everything about someone can make them even more intriguing. His approach to personal branding – a mix of visibility and mystery – has everyone hooked and guessing.

Ranveer Singh Chris Gayle Advertisement

Zomato’s Brilliant Advertisement

Zomato's recent advertisement, featuring Ranveer Singh and Chris Gayle, is a trailblazer. It brilliantly incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to dynamically change restaurant names, offering viewers a customized experience. This campaign highlights AI's expanding role in Indian advertising, reshaping how brands engage with diverse audiences. It marks a new era where technology enhances creativity, enabling companies like Zomato to create more personalized and impactful stories. This innovative use of AI is setting a trend in Indian advertising, demonstrating its ability to revolutionize content by making ads more engaging and tailored to the audience's preferences. Indeed, this marks a new, exciting chapter in advertising's evolution.

The Archies Film

From Movie to Lifestyle Craze

Have you seen how "The Archies" turned from a movie into a lifestyle buzz? It’s all about clever marketing and cool collaborations. Netflix teamed up with WhatsApp for quirky Archies-themed stickers, while Starbucks stirred up special Archies-flavored drinks. Maybelline and Skybags joined in, launching Archies-inspired makeup and backpacks. But the real game-changer? Influencers! Aastha Shah brought the movie set to our feeds, Ritvi Shah teamed up with Maybelline X Archies for some retro glam, and Bruised Travel gave us a peek into the Archies-themed Vistara flight. It's a great example of how mixing brand collaborations with influencer power can make a film pop in everyday life. This strategy isn’t just for "The Archies" – it’s a blueprint showing how diverse marketing moves can skyrocket a brand's success.

Ranveer Singh Alia Bhatt Jhumka RARKPK

Jhumka Gira Re!

Ever seen your Instagram flooded with Bollywood-inspired trends? That's what happened with "Jhumka" from "Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani." Influencers caught onto Alia Bhatt's catchy number, each adding their own flair. Influencers made this song their own. They took "Jhumka" and turned it into something bigger, a whole celebration on social media. Everyone was putting their spin on it, showing off in sarees and sharing their dance moves. It wasn't just copying what they saw in the movie; it was about making it personal and fun. This trend shows just how powerful influencers are. They can take a bit of Bollywood, add their style, and create a big trend that everyone wants to be part of.

Instagram Updates

These updates mark Instagram's continued innovation, making the platform a more interactive, creative, and personalized space for its users.

‘Add Yours’ Story Stickers: Personalize stories with unique templates.

Notes in DMs: Share thoughts and notes directly in messages.

Polls in Captions: Engage audiences with interactive polls in Reels and post captions.

Each feature adds a unique dimension to the user experience, showing Instagram's commitment to staying at the forefront of social media trends.

Social Tweebs 2024 Predictions

Fauzan Rahim

Fauzan Rahim

Co-Founder of Social Tweebs

The currency of Influence is becoming a major investment for Brands, today almost 500 Million people in India consume Social media content, In 2024, over 60% of marketers are set to increase their influencer marketing budgets by 30%. Also, over 25% of brands are allocating nearly 50% of their total digital marketing budget to Influencer collaborations.

Convenience, affordability, and accessibility are making it possible for clients to place their campaigns in front of the right audience with just a click, In 2024 the creator economy & and influencer marketing industry are expected to grow multifold and generate over $ 500 Million Dollars.

Aniket Shah - Business Head

Aniket Shah

Co-founder of Social Tweebs

In India, with over 500 million internet users and 2,215 billion minutes spent online, the influencer marketing industry is witnessing substantial growth. Currently valued at over 12 billion INR, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25% over the next five years. This evolution is driven by a focus on authenticity and data-driven strategies, with a notable rise in micro and nano-influencers known for high engagement and niche-specific audiences. Looking ahead to 2024, the industry anticipates a full-funnel approach, with influencers playing a crucial role across the consumer journey, from awareness to consideration to purchase. This evolution is expected to be fuelled by a data-driven strategy, content-led approach & and usage of AI tools for enhanced campaign efficacy.

Influencer’s POV:

Isa Khan



It’s gonna be a competitive market in the coming years and I believe in the longer run only those people will last in the industry who can produce quality content.

Saloni Kukreja



Looking forward to more different styles of videos and how they portray their food. It’s not just restricted to story telling, it’s also about what it means to them.

RJ Abhinav



It's like a library now; choose your own books. Search for the content creators you want to see, and find exactly what you're interested in, be it travel, tech, infotainment, or more.

Social Tweebs Campaigns

Coke Studio's Kya Karie Korimal

The 'Kya Karie Korimol' campaign created captivating and immersive experience by integrating the soulful song "Kya Karie Korimol". With the beauty and essence of Kashmiri cuisine, particularly the traditional dish “Wazwan”, the campaign aimed to showcase the emotional depth of the song while highlighting the unique flavors and cultural significance of Wazwan.

MG It's a human thing

MG India's #ItsAHumanThing campaign featured Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu, spotlighting the brand's values of trust and human connection through their genuine chemistry. Focused on the MG Hector, the campaign aims to highlight compatibility and reinforces MG India's dedication to creating vehicles that align with customers' lives and relationships.

Sprite Campaign - Thand Rakh

Sprite's #ThandRakh campaign, launched during India's cricket World Cup, aimed to engage fans on Twitter. It encouraged sharing 'cool' moments with Sprite during tense match times, positioning the drink as the ultimate refresher for cricket enthusiasts in heated moments of excitement.

AMD Laptop

AMD's '1 Charge Does It All' campaign highlights the battery's longevity through collaborations with influencers from various walks of life. Demonstrating how a single charge can power a day's tasks for everyone, from executives to parents, the campaign aimed to showcase how AMD technology effortlessly supports and enhances every aspect of daily life.

Social Tweebs logo

A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Unmatched Solutions

Introducing Social Tweebs, a data-driven end-to-end influencer marketing agency that takes your brand to new heights! No more boring ads, just impactful, creative, and downright brilliant influencer strategies that help your brand stand out in the crowded market.

Celebrating a year of remarkable growth, Social Tweebs has revolutionized influencer marketing by building robust partnerships, from dynamic startups to global brands. Our innovative data-driven tool is a game-changer, driving 20-50% increased efficiency in influencer marketing campaigns. We're not just a service; we're a movement towards smarter, more impactful brand storytelling.

Looking to 2024, we're ready to expand our reach and redefine industry benchmarks. Each month, we'll share latest industry insights directly to your inbox through our newsletter. Stay connected with us for a front-row seat to the evolution of influencer marketing and Social Tweebs' journey to the forefront of this vibrant industry.

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